Be part of this unique event – the Firebreather Challenge. There are two levels of competitors:

  • Firebreather – for those who are serious about testing their physical abilities. This division is for those individuals in top physical condition.
  • Firestarter – this division will participate in the event, but on a scaled basis. You will be able to pass on any obsticle you feel you do not want to tackle. There may also be scaled down versions of obstacles designed for you.
  • Pricing generally starts around $40 and moves up as we get closer to the event and ends around $85

If you do not have the option to select Firebreather or Firestarter when you register, it means that you simply select which one while ON THE COURSE (this is done by choosing to bypass certain obstacles, or choosing a shorter route, etc).



Want to be part of the action, but not ready to compete? We always need volunteers! Register as a volunteer and you’ll get to be part of the fun and you’ll have a front row seat to watch the excitement. We’ll provide you with meals and plenty of perks for helping out. Let us know you’d like to volunteer by registering here and someone will be in touch with you soon.



Are you interested in attending the Firebreather Challenge to promote your business? We are looking for vendors and sponsors. If you would like more information on the available sponsorships, please submit your information here.